After weeks of being stuck inside with nothing to do, we all start to feel a little bored and frustrated.

One thing that can relieve that sense of frustration is a sense of accomplishment.

Not to worry - I am not suggesting that you actually get up and do anything. I mean, why start now?

But if you have a check list you could at least feel like you were getting something done, and that is a good feeling, you have to admit.

So, here is The Coronavirus To-do List:

1). Getting plenty of rest is important when you have so much to do. So, sleep late.

2). Get up, use bathroom. (Check).

3). Make sure to pass by the kitchen on your way to the living room. Breakfast, after all, is the most important meal of the day.

4). You'll need to get comfortable on that sofa. World events are important. You must stay informed for the good of the nation..

5). Channel surfing is important. You'll need to keep up with what all the networks are doing in their quest to help the American people through this crises. This is important research. This study might take all day. 

6). Sharing funny memes on your favorite social media platform and liking other people's memes with comments and funny emojis is important when trying to maintain the mental health of your family, friends, and the nation. Keep surfing the TV for that vital study you are doing, and keep sharing those memes.

7) Make sure to snack regularly. Working this hard takes a lot of brain power, and the brain needs sugar and carbs to function at this high of a level.

8). Over did it maybe? Rest is important if you are to forge on. It's okay to take a nap, but leave the TV on in case something important happens. This is an emergency, after all. The nation needs you informed.

9). Wow, it's after midnight. You have worked harder than most. But your hard efforts are vital. America needs you. So peel yourself off that sofa and go to bed. You'll need to get a lot of sleep. The world needs you well rested for tomorrows efforts.

FORGE ON, OUR HERO! - forge on.


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