So many things you promised you would do with your life, if you could just get "A Round Tuit."

While there are many things you can't do as we shelter in place, it seems you might have run out of excuses for things you've been promising to do.

Read those books you've been promising yourself you would read. Start learning that foreign language. History, science, and so much more.

While we are at it, learn those crafts by studying online. Cook. Write that novel or short story you have always wanted to write.

Your Wyoming library has a website and an app to help you with all of this, so there is no longer any excuse.

Play with your kids. Spend time with your spouse. Your pet would love a little attention.

HINT - If you do enough "Round Tuit" stuff, you can avoid the "honey-do list."

We have so much technology at home these days there is no reason we should come out of this coronavirus scare less educated.

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