We have two choices during this self quarantine thing: we can come out of this in better shape and smarter, or fatter and dumber.

Each of us begins with the idea that we will catch up on all those things we have been dreaming about doing with our lives. Finish reading that book. Write that book. Become an artist. Build. Create. Get in shape. Spend quality time with the ones we love. Eat healthy.

So why is this not going the way we planned? Lets just take a look at that last one for a moment. Eat healthy.

We started our mornings well intentioned enough. Some grapefruit. Wheat toast.

We meant to get a lot done between morning and noon but we wanted to catch up on the news.

Lunch comes around and we have a little chicken on some bread - oh what the heck, a little extra mayo won't hurt. Herb tea. Lets sneak that oreo cookie (no one saw us take it so the calories don't count).

So many things we want to accomplish this afternoon, but there is that series on TV that the family has decided to binge watch. That's quality family time.

We planned on healthy snacking while watching TV but someone found the oreos. They go so well in some Rocky Road ice cream. Someone found hot fudge? Cool!

Is it dinner time already? We are all so tired from watching that entire series, and binge eating, no one is in the mood to cook. There is that frozen pizza in the freezer. What? There's cheesecake in there? How in the world did we forget that?

We had two choices: come out of this smarter and healthier, or fatter and dumber.

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