I'll say up front, the atmosphere has been worse before in Wyoming politics. There was that fistfight back in 1913 that the house of representatives that lasted a good part of an hour. One representative actually had a framed picture smashed over his head.

Things got quieter, for a long time, after that. But a good thing does not last forever.

In the political arena it is one thing to defend against corrupt, lying, bullying political figures. But it is entirely different to attack someone who is actually an ally, but simply has a disagreement over a sentence or two in a proposed piece of legislation.

There are some among us that cannot seem to understand that a disagreement is not a personal attack against them. When confronted with an opposing point of view, they fight back.

Discourse is dead, good ideas and allies are lost, when a good man is afraid to say, "I disagree."

Matt Micheli (Former Chairman, Wyoming Republican Party) recently wrote an op-ed for Cowboy State Daily. He is getting more than just a little frustrated with those who are, as he put it, "addicted to the fight" but can't seem to offer any real solutions to our states problems.

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I first read his article on air, knowing that I would get calls from folks who did not like his use of the term "Alt-Right" to describe those who seem to be in constant attack mode. I decided to invite Mr. Micheli on the air to better explain the point that he was trying to make.

I was not surprised that, as I interviewed him, I began to receive calls, Facebook messages, and chat messages on the Wake Up Wyoming App from those who seemed determined to prove Micheli's point.

Rather than accepting his offer of an olive branch they made the issue about THEM, and attacked HIM.

Micheli has a point. These people are addicted to the fight.

If you scroll back up to the top of this article you'll find the audio of that hour's conversation. I invite you to listen to it then join us on our Wake Up Wyoming Facebook page to discuss the issue.

Mr. Macheli did admit that his use of "Alt-Right" can be seen as attack and he retracted it in favor of a softer tone. He just wants people to stop attacking, stop fighting, and come to the meeting with real solutions.

Let's see who can actually discuss the issue and who can't seem to step out of attack mode to offer real solutions to the state's problems.

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