Gillette city council meetings are sure to have a discussion on owning chickens in the city limits as soon as the public comments period begins. That's according to the local online publication County 17

Some Wyoming towns and cities have settled their chicken ordnance issues. Some, like Gillette, have been going on about it for decades.

Lets give credit to Ward 3 councilwoman Laura Chapman for getting together with residents to hold a ‘Chickens and Coffee with Councilwoman' meeting. What a great way to relax and talk about the issue in an informal way.

“I’m a novice about chickens,” Chapman told the handful of participants, “but I know this is an issue people are very interested in, and I want people to be heard. I want information.”

You would think that, of all states, anyone anywhere in Wyoming could own chickens. Not so in Gillette. It is against ordnance to own them in the city limits.

Some Wyoming towns and cities do have some restrictions. But most still allow them.

“What works in one municipality in Wyoming doesn’t necessarily work for others,” Palazzari said.

According to County 17 Palazzari pointed out that there are areas within Gillette city limits where backyard chickens are legal, specifically areas zoned as rural residential and agricultural. Adoption of another city’s ordinance could adversely infringe on rights some Gillette residents already enjoy, he noted.

The "ANTI-CHICKEN CROWD" does not hate chickens. They think chickens attract predators. But those predators already come into town searching for rabbits, mice small dogs, and house cats, the other side points out.

The Gillette chicken debate rages on. Nothing has been settled - yet.

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