If you drive these Western states you know all too well about those Wall Drug signs.


What a clever advertising idea.

Most of the signs are not very big.

They have few words.

But that's why we notice them.

The farthest official Wall Drug sign away from that famous South Dakota attraction is not in China, Australia, or Europe.

It's in Greybull, Wyoming.

But that's "OFFICIAL" locations.

People have taken wall drug signs all over the world.

The billboards have been spotted as far away as India, Africa, Europe and even Antarctica.

One researcher who was working at the South Pole took one with him. It was just a quick shot of him at the pole, holding the sign.

Wall Drug began in 1931 when Ted and Dorothy Hustead moved to Wall and opened the Hustead's Drug Store.

Look at that date!

The Great Depression was on.

Not a good time to start a business.

There was no interstate back then. But there was a highway, and people were driving by.

Some were going to see the new carvings on Mount Rushmore.

So how do they make people stop?

Well, starting with a sign advertising free water.

That's why you still have that billboard today.


Dorothy Hustead thought to advertise and hand out free water to travelers since there weren't coolers or resealable water bottles in the '30s.

Ted Hustead went to the highway that day and put up the first billboard sign:

"Get a soda. Get a root beer. Turn next corner, just as near to Highway 16 and 14. Free Ice Water. Wall Drug."

"Before he got back to the store, the first customers already stopped in," Sarah's father, Ted, said in a 2019 Argus Leader interview. "If one sign had that much impact, what would 20 to 30 Wall Drug signs do?"

Now wall drug is a big busy tourist stop.

Everyone that has been there will tell you it's worth visiting once.

But only once.

Still, do it.

One Wall Drug sign will last about 10 years minimum and 20 years before they're falling apart, Barry Knutson said.

Barry has been painting those signs for 30.

I'd like the next astronaut to the Moon to take one with him, and we need one on Mars.

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