Do you know the name Tim Berners-Lee? No big deal. He just invented the internet, that's all.

Yes Tim Berners-Lee is guy credited for the birth of the World Wide Web as we know it.

But he hates what his baby has become. That's why he wants to create something that can compete with it.

Mr. Lee is not a fan of how major corporations have taken over what he intended to be a free environment. He is not a fan of Facebook, Google, or Amazon. Most people are on a few sites where their data is being mined.

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This is why Mr. Lee has begun work on a new platform, a place where your information is your own. He wants an internet free of big corporations.

Mr. Lee works at MIT. He is taking a bit of a break from work to create this new cyber world. He has not said much of anything to anyone, until now.

Inrupt, as it will be called, launches to the world this week, Berners-Lee told Fast Company in an exclusive interview. Inrupt will be free to use, Mr. Lee says.

Inrupt looks like the regular internet. But all the information is under his control. Your control. It is your information.

You can store your data here much like you would on Google Cloud. But that data is yours and not to be mined for profit.

Mr. Berners-Lee believes wants to create a place where people can escape the data monopoly of Google and Facebook.

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