Does that tower look familiar?

For fans of the old Jonny Quest adventure cartoon, they might remember it from a story that took place in Africa.

Yet the tower in that episode was inspired by Devil's Tower Wyoming.

If you visit Devil's Tower Wyoming you won't find any of the strange adventures that you would find in this Jonny Quest episode.

Not that the writers didn't have plenty to work with here in Wyoming if they wanted to. But for some reason, they wanted to locate the story in Africa. 

Smithsonian Channel via YouTube
Smithsonian Channel via YouTube

According to IMDB:

In Africa, Dr. Quest's weather balloon gets stuck atop a towering land formation called the Devil's Escarpment.

When the Quest team flies to the top to retrieve it, they find a diamond mine, cavemen, and a crazed Nazi war criminal, who, thinking they will reveal his existence to the world, refuses to let them leave alive.afsnowbird


The title refers to the national monument consisting of a monolithic igneous intrusion or volcanic neck located in northeastern Wyoming.

The rock formation is 1,267 feet high and the summit is 5,112 feet above sea level. (IMDB).

You can watch the episode on YouTube, but it's not free. 

There was also a comic book that was released based on this episode.



I found that comic for sale on eBay.

Though it was originally given away as a promotional item. It now sells for $40.


So, they discover natives, Nazis, diamonds, and cavemen. 

That's quite a lot of adventure for one episode.

I wonder why they didn't just set the episode in Wyoming where the tower is.

If you're searching for the episode, it is season 1, episode 21.

It's been around a while. The show originally aired back in 1965.

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