Not just the oldest, but also the largest and most complete Columbian Mammoth on display in the country. If you want to see this mammoth-sized display, all you have to do is head to the Tate Geological Museum in Casper.

The museum is located on the campus of Casper College, and includes much more than just "Dee," the aforementioned mammoth. Fossilized Turtle Shells, Dinosaur bones, and even the head of a T-Rex, affectionately called "Stan."

The Mammoth specimen, "Dee," was discovered in 2006 when a heavy equipment operator was preparing an oil well pad site near Glenrock, WY. Over the course of several years, the bones were recovered from the site, transported to the museum, and cataloged. The owners of the land generously donated the specimen to the museum.

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Dee the Columbian Mammoth at the Tate Museum- a must see! Plus so much more. The Tate is free and worth a visit!

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Dee, named after the operator who discovered him, is special because of the completeness of the skeleton, and the advanced age that the mammoth died at- around 65-70 years old. Of course, that was 11,600 years ago, so Dee seems to be looking pretty good for his age.

The Tate Geological Museum is free to the public and holds regular events designed to help foster curiosity and learning.

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