When you're wanting to get a quick version of cliff notes about someone famous, typically the easiest thing to do is Google that person and then click on what shows up on their Wikipedia. It's easy to find plenty of information that's usually pretty accurate in most cases. So who is the most Wikipedia'd person in Cheyenne?

This one may not come as much of a surprise at all, but in Cheyenne, the most Wikipedia'd person is the late great Chris LeDoux. He was a legend as a country artist and as a rodeo competitor. LeDoux was such a legend, he will be honored at this year's Cheyenne Frontier Days with a new bronze statue. While many in Cheyenne and throughout Wyoming already know the history of Chris LeDoux, and if you don't, you can always look at his Wikipedia page, you may not realize some of the other legends near our region that have been Wikipedia'd the most.

In Denver, it's quarterback Peyton Manning. Colorado Springs Wiki'd inventor Nikola Tesla the most, and in Glenwood Springs, CO, Doc Holliday is has been looked up the most. But just how did we find this information? There's a new website that tells you all which figure has been Wikipedia'd the most in several cities throughout the country. 'The Pudding' has the site that does it and as you zoom in on each city, you get more results.

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So if you're looking to find out what famous people have been Wikipedia'd the most in some of the more random cities throughout the country, you now know where to find that info. Enjoy!

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