There are bears and then there are BEARS. This is that last one. It's the National Park Service's Fattest Bear Award and this year it goes to 409 Beadnose.

The National Park Service shared the news on their official Facebook page.

409 Beadnose has certainly been packing on the pounds over the years. This was her back in 2015.

This is the big bear only slightly bigger in 2018.

What can I say? The 2020 version of 409 Beadnose could be the result of quarantine binge eating? We feel your struggle, 409 Beadnose.

This is a famous bear in Katmai National Preserve. According to a fandom page (yes, this bear has a fan page), 409 Beadnose was first observed all the way back in 1999. She's often seen near Brooks River. Based on the new award, I think it's safe to say that 409 Beadnose has had a good fishing year.

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