I understand why most people don't care to pay attention to politics.

People involved in politics, no matter if they are the voter or the elected, are cranky, rude, prone to exaggeration about how moral their side is and how corrupt the other side is. They are hypocritical, narcissistic, overly emotional. They LIE - wow do they LIE!

Then there is the major problem of the cult of personality in politics. Once someone latches on to a candidate as a favorite they defend that person no matter what. A classic "The Emperor Has No Clothes" syndrome. Their guy is as pure as the wind-driven snow.

There is a lot of noise to sort through. So, how do you pick the right candidate? For example, there are now 11 people, including Liz Cheney, running for the Wyoming House At Large seat. Which one is the best?

This is not hard to figure out. Actually, all you have to do is ask one question:

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"If you get this job what do you plan to do?" 

Just ask that and shut up. Do not give any clue as to where you stand on any issue. Don't answer any of their questions. Just ask and stand there, poker-faced, and wait.

Most candidates will try to size you up right away. They want to know what answer you want to hear so they can get your vote.

Many candidates will give generic answers. They will fill the air with words but not actually say anything. They think this is a safe move.

Some will try to turn the question on you, to get you talking. Then they will make you think that they said what you just said.

Generic patriotic talking points are another safe way to go.

A common ploy is to use generic mind trap terms like "HOPE & CHANGE" and "MOVING FORWARD." Those phrases can mean anything you want them to mean and that is what the candidate is hoping will happen. They are hoping you will attach what you want to those words, thus believing that the two of you are in agreement on everything important. This is a slick ploy that is used a lot.

Everything you see above is a red flag. I can't give you the best answer for you. It is up to you to decide what is best for this country.

As for me, I'm just waiting to hear if they intend to grow government or make it MUCH MUCH MUCH smaller. If they understand that government is the biggest problem in America today and they want to massively shrink that problem, I'm interested in their candidacy.

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