Paul Harvey was one of the greatest voices in the history of radio. How spoke poetically about so many things, leaving us all glued to our radios while he spoke, and in silence, thinking about what he had just said long after he had finished.

In the audio, below, I found a segment Mr. Harvey recorded about 'The Policeman'.

Today, we see police officers once again attacked and misunderstood because of the actions of one or two officers who were not worthy of their uniform.

In his assessment, Mr. Harvey takes a look at what sort of man becomes an officer, what he becomes when he puts the badge on and goes to work, and who he is when he comes home at night.

A policeman is the person we need and want and will call sir and ma'am when they are needed - until we don't need them for something, then we call them names behind their back.

The police officer must make instant decisions that would take a lawyer months to determine. He will run to the danger that the rest of us will run from. He will put his body between us and the danger without a second thought. He must deal with the worst that society has to offer on a daily basis, yet somehow keep his faith in humanity.

On a personal note, I've spoken with officers who seemed relieved to be chatting with someone who was willing to show them respect and enjoy a laugh with them. You can imagine what they have to put up with the rest of the day.

But, enough. Paul Harvey said it best. AUDIO IS BELOW.

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