There are maps that tell you how to get there. There are maps that tell you what you can find when you get there. Then there are maps that are just a little too honest.

CLICK HERE to see a map that does not care who it offends and is perfectly honest about what is in the state.

There is the area to the west side of the state labeled "Billionaires that make more in a day then you do in a year."

On the far southern end of the state is the area for "People who like the cost of living in Wyoming but still want Colorado Weed."

Extreme north end of the state, near Sheridan, is the "Almost Montana" region.

Near the middle of the state is an area simply labeled, "Cows."

On the Eastern side of the state, below The Black Hills, is an area titled, "People who took a wrong turn." I'm not sure if that means tourists from The Black Hills or the people who have lived there for generations.

Out near Independence Rock is an area titled "If you are here, hope you have enough gas." Ever been out there? It's true.

I love the South Western side of Wyoming with labels like "Not Crap Here" and "Dirt."

There is a lot more but I won't spoil it for you. Click the link for the map and enjoy. I do wonder, however, if I gave you a pen, what would you add?

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