Did you know that back in the 1970's, Gillette was mentioned in Playboy magazine? Not for a good reason.

The town's history has been a hard one. Life has rarely been easy for the people who have lived there. But the people who have stayed don't seem to want to leave.

From the YouTube page Our Wyoming Life:

Over 10 years ago, Erin and Mike left their corporate jobs in radio to help on Erin's stepdads family cattle ranch. Since then they have not only taken to a whole new life but now they raising their own family on the ranch. Through multiple videos weekly Mike and Erin hope to entertain, educate and bring awareness to agriculture. They strive to bring the consumer and the producer closer together and to show the story of where our food comes from and the families behind it.

You'll believe Mike has a history in radio as soon as you hear his voice.

In their latest episode, they explore the history of Gillette Wyoming. Their ranch is just south of there. In the video below, you will learn about the hard lives that the hard-driven people of Campbell County just can't seem to leave behind, and are more than a little proud of.

I bet you are real curious to learn why Playboy Magazine bothered to mention Gillette. No matter what you may be thinking, you probably have it wrong. But I will say, after hearing it, Playboy's assessment was spot on.


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