It's not exactly a secret that it's been a windy week here in Casper. Today, on Outer Drive, there is sort of a hurricane happening right now.

There have been high wind warnings in effect today, but exactly how windy is it? If you're near Outer Drive, it's been like a hurricane. Check out this screenshot from

This page refreshes pretty much constantly throughout the day. As of this morning, winds of 75 mph and higher have been measured today. By definition, that's a category 1 hurricane kind of.

The Saffir-Simpson scale categorizes winds as hurricane strength if they're 74 mph or higher. The difference is a hurricane strength means constant winds and not gusts like we've had today. But, if you've been near the southern part of Casper today, you know the winds have been just about constant. There's not much difference.

For reference, here's the latest update from the National Weather Service out of Riverton with wind speeds across the state.

There's something you can share with your out-of-state friends who don't understand the wind here. It's been a hurricane today and is likely to be that way off and on for much of the winter.

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