If you have happened to be one of the many people that have been out and about over the past few weekends in Cheyenne, it is likely that you have already been seeing what's happening. Restaurants are busy, concert venues have plenty of live music, and even hotels have been filling up with more occupancy as of late. This is all good news for local development agencies.

Despite the presence of Covid-19 still around, after a time when we were not able to do some of the things that we can now due to previous restrictions, those restrictions have now been lifted and it has left room for lots of optimism about the tourism industry around Laramie County.

Local development agencies such as Visit Cheyenne and Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority already have plenty of promotions and events in place throughout the upcoming months as the trend has continued to move in the right direction. Visit Cheyenne CEO Domenic Bravo painted the picture of what he envisions in a recent interview with Wyoming Business Report:

We’re hoping for a record-breaking summer and fall...We should be doing super well...Our music venues are just going wild. There’s so many things going on... Our community should be hopping – if you can’t find something to do, you’re not looking in the right places.

Many of the visitors so far in this late Spring/unofficial Summer have been making their way up from Colorado. Given the lack of restrictions locally and the new open container laws around the downtown Cheyenne area, not to mention the return of Cheyenne Frontier Day coming this Summer, things are certainly looking to be on the upswing in terms of tourism in 2021.

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Compared to a year ago, it's a total change in the shape of things to come. Perhaps we may be on the path to a record-breaking year for tourism. It's certainly off to a great start!

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