It's a good ad that really gets its point across.

But you just can't use those words on television.

That's okay. In today's WIFI world TV ads are not needed to get the word out. It's just a matter of getting everyone's attention.

WELL... This ad certainly does it. 

CAUTION! If you don't like gross humor or foul language then DO NOT watch this ad.

Alex Walker announces his candidacy for CO-03 to unseat Lauren Boebert and put an end to her "constant jetstream of bulls**t." Well, you get the idea.

Meet Alex Walker, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Colorado’s Eighth District. But be patient: As Tim Miller notes, there’s almost a full minute of turds raining down on people before Walker himself appears.

The question is if the ad is too harsh. Sometimes going this far backfires. Or does it inspire people to stand up and yell "YOU GO ALEX!" That's what Alex is hoping for.

Candidates are going for FULL SHOCK to get the attention of voters. COVER YOUR CHILDREN'S EYES FOR THIS NEXT ONE! Is she running for office or a position at the strip club?

Remember “Big Dan” Rodimer? Or Don Blankenship? Or the king of the viral ad, Dale Peterson?

They all lost.

The "HEY LOOK AT ME" ploy never actually works.

Most candidates are people who have never been in front of the camera and have no idea how to talk to an audience during a live radio interview or in person.

Learning to talk to the public takes a lot of practice.

But at least it keeps us entertained during the election cycle. 

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