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In the vast expanse of North America, there exists a remarkable spot in Northwest Wyoming, where a simple spill of water has the potential to embark on a truly unique journey.

A new YouTube video offers the story of North to Ocean's Creek.

The creek was named after its founder, John Frances North.

It's a creek that splits and travels into both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans because it sits right on the crest of the continental divide.

If you don't mind a long hike you can see this split point at Two Ocean Pass in Wyoming.

The creek spits at a rock divide, sending water via Pacific Creek to the Pacific and through Atlantic Creek to the Atlantic.

Watch the water's journey in the video below.

This site received designation as a National Natural Landmark in 1965, bearing the official name of Two Ocean Pass National Natural Landmark.

However, Parting of the Waters, by which this site is more commonly known, is actually about 0.4 miles (0.6 km) northwest of the low point of Two Ocean Pass, where North Two Ocean Creek emerges from its drainage basin on the side of Two Ocean Plateau. (Wikipedia).

Jim Bridger discovered a passage over the continental divide that divided the country into parts separated by water flow directions.

There was no way that this waterway could ever been a commercial pass for people or cargo. Maybe fish could make it over. That's about it.

This link contains information and maps if you want to hike in and see it for yourself.

So if you put your left hand on one side of the water flow and your right hand in the other side, your DNA might wind up in both oceans.

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