After decades of Hollywood slasher films, somebody finally has to say it. Fine, I'll do it.


Let's have a good look at why then maybe, next time you watch one of those slasher films, you'll root for the monster and cheer when he offs one of those little twits.

The biggest reason those kids DIED is they think they know it all and they don't listen.

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Let's start with not listening to their parents. I know some of you might laugh at me for saying that but there is a reason that their parents lived as long as they did. So when some old person tells you "don't do that, you'll DIE!" you might want to consider why it is that they are still alive after all these years and why their stupid friends died young.

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How about not listing to their own instincts? There is a lot of that in these movies. There is a reason we all have that little voice in our brain screaming;

Don't go with that guy.
Don't go into that house.
Don't go into that cellar.
Don't go up in the attic.
Stay out of the cornfield.
Stay out of the barn.
Stay out of the shed.
Sleep anywhere but here.
Stick together, don't split up.
Keep out when the sign says keep out.


Here's a big clue when it comes to testing the STUPID of the teens in these movies: When you hear a noise in the middle of the night, down that dark hallway, or up in the attic, maybe down in the cellar, take that is a big clue TO NOT GO THERE! When that part of your brain that warns you of danger says - "NOPE!" --- LISTEN TO IT!

Well, no great loss. These kids were never going to be successful and upstanding members of society. They are usually spoiled, gossiping, annoying, thieving, bullies. Did I mention annoying? They were all just a bunch of rebellious pot-smoking drunks.

I know, these are some very cold and heartless things to say. But maybe we are just dealing with the laws of natural selection here.

What if Freddie and Jason and all the rest were put there on Earth to weed out these horrible kids before they have a chance to grow up and do any real damage to society.

Worse yet they might have kids of their own - and we don't need people like this breeding.

I don't usually watch slasher/horror films. But when I do, I root for the creature. 

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