Tribune News Service via Getty I
Tribune News Service via Getty I

We all knew this was coming.

It began with two men breaking into the Converse County hospital to have-at the vast store of toilet paper in the custodial closet. They also went for masks and gloves, all of which relates to coronavirus. No idea if they wanted to keep these items for themselves or sell them.

Now it seems, TP has been stolen from Wyoming rest stops on I-80. When crews arrive to clean the sinks and toilets they find the locked dispensers in the stalls have been broken into. No one has yet tried to break into the storage closet.

I'm sure next, someone will target the many outhouses at state parks. We will soon hear about people caught stealing from convenience store toilets, restaurant toilets, and any other public facilities.

It's getting worse across the nation. In Oregon a woman went shopping and left her TP visible on the back seat in the parking lot. A thief broke her window to get at it.

It's not just here in America. In China, thieves broke into a store after-hours and stole hundreds of packages of rolls.

Chinese officials have installed high tech toilet paper dispensers in public restrooms that allow individuals to only get so much paper per payment.

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