The Town of Evansville will close its buildings to public access until further notice due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Jennifer Sorenson said in a news release.

Those buildings include police, fire, public works and water treatment facilities, Sorenson said.

"This is to limit our Town employees to public contact in order to continue operating smoothly and efficiently, and to ensure that services continue to be offered," she said.

The town has limited staff so it will put its employees on a staggering work rotation to ensure services continue. That also will allow employees with children the flexibility to care for them at home because the schools are closed.

Evansville will handle its services as follows:

  • ​Police, fire, and public works services still will be available by phone.
  • Trash days may be moved due to staffing changes. The town will notify customers of those changes. Residents who miss trash collection should call the Town Hall and staff will arrange for collection.
  • Water bills can be dropped off in the payment slot or paid over the phone. All late fees and shut-offs will be waived if a bill is not paid. Payment plans can be established if needed after normal operations resume.
  • Evansville Municipal Court dates and fine-due dates have been postponed.

Water service will continue, too, but the town urges residents to observe these recommendations:

  • There is no need to stock up on bottled water.
  • Do not put "flushable" or toilet paper alternatives into the sewer system.
  • Throw away toilet paper alternatives to help avoid any potential back-ups of the sewer system and cause a sanitation problem.

​Town Council meetings will be limited agendas with only necessary items being addressed including paying bills, time-limited issues and approving business licenses.

The council will continue to post the agendas and accept questions or public comments through email. It will develop a way to broadcast the council meetings online through some other means, but doesn't have the system now to do do.

Council meetings are still required by law to be open to the public, but the town asks those who are sick or do not feel well to not attend.

Evansville is following the guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Wyoming Department of Health to ensure the peaks of the COVIID-19 numbers in Natrona County remain low and manageable.

For more information, call the town at (307) 234-6530.

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