Two registered nurses at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center have tested positive for COVID-19, according to hospital president and CEO Tim Thornell.

"Neither one is in need of any inpatient hospital care, their symptoms aren't that severe, and nor does one of them actually work in any of our COVID contact units," said Thornell. "One nurse actually works more directly with other nurses and isn't a frontline patient care nurse."

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the hospital and community, CRMC implemented a no visitor policy Thursday morning, but Thornell says the new visitation restrictions are "not directly" related to the nurses' cases.

"We'd actually been working on the no visitor policy for several days and were just in preparations of enacting it," said Thornell. "So we'd actually made the decision to enact that before we ever became aware of our employees."

With Laramie County now reporting 37 confirmed cases of the virus, Thornell says it's important residents "continue the good fight" by practicing social distancing and staying at home whenever possible.

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