I have what I believe will be a very unpopular opinion to share. It pains me to say this, but I really don't hate California very much.

Considering that I live in Wyoming, it scares me a little bit to admit this. But, I always strive to be honest. I know it's very common for my neighbors to hate on anything west coast.

I'll take this a step further. Not only do I not hate California very much, but...I actually have California friends. (*SHUDDER*)

Please allow me to try and explain my obviously reckless attitude about not hating California very much. Back in 1993, I lived in Monterey, California. It's a very pretty place.

There's a perception here that California people come to Wyoming to try and change things. I always found Californians to be pretty laid back and nice people. I realize to many this will be treasonous, but back to that honesty promise I made.

There is science to prove that my opinion is the most unpopular thing ever. Digg shared an article showing what state each state hates the most. Wyoming and just about every other western state hate California more than any other.

Since I'm already in neck deep in this California controversy, I'll also admit that I loved California's weather. In Monterey, it was 65 degrees pretty much all year long. I remember watching fireworks on January 1 and it was (you guessed it) 65 degrees. 4th of July was also 65 degrees.

So there you have it. My very unpopular opinion that California isn't awful. Flame away. I probably deserve it.

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