Photo Credit: Skyla Smith
Photo Credit: Skyla Smith

She and her family are huge fans of the My Country Morning Show and when we found out they were streaming us in her hospital room we did a big shout out to her. You joined us in sending your strength and prayers.

We happily reported when Sterling finally went home from the hospital and she went on to begin her Kindergarten year.

Sterling recently went in for what was supposed to be a routine checkup.

Instead of an all-clear, they received devastating news.

The infection and bacteria that caused all of Sterling's issues have continued to spread. They are now looking at an autoimmune disorder and are having to check for blood cancer.

Like most modern moms, Skyla (Sterling's mom) often posts pictures of her and the kids. An acquaintance noticed that in one of the pictures, a spot on her neck seemed a bit swollen. She messaged Skyla and this along with some other recent health concerns, led Skyla to meet with her doctors.

She received heartbreaking news.

There was a lump, and when it was biopsied it revealed that she has Thyroid Cancer.

Skyla's tumor was successfully removed on Dec 31, 2019. As soon as she is physically ready she will begin her treatment.

Because of the nature of her radiation treatment, Skyla not only had to wean her infant son but will be unable to be near her children for weeks at a time.

Any parent can imagine how this would be a struggle even in the best of times, but with Sterling's continued health issues it's especially hard on the entire family.

Photo Credit: Skyla Smith
Photo Credit: Skyla Smith

We first and foremost are reaching out to you and asking you to send your thoughts and prayers to this family.

Strength, healing, patience, and grace will be needed as they move forward with both Skyla and Sterling's treatments.

Feel free to leave your positive messages for them here and on any of our social media platforms.

They are a big part of the My Country Family of listeners and will surely see them.

If you are inclined to help in other ways, here is the information we have been given by the Smith family.

If you live locally you can give monetary donations to them through the Sterling Smith Medical Fund at Converse County Bank.

Phone (307)358-5300
Physical Address: 322 Walnut St, Douglas WY 82633
Mailing: PO Box 689 Douglas WY 82633

For those of you that live locally, you can also help out with meals through this Meal Train link. There are no known food allergies for the family.

Thank you in advance for your positive thoughts and prayers, we will continue to keep you updated on this sweet local family as they continue on their journey.

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