The City of Casper has put out a statement imploring the community to bring back loaner life jackets that are used for water activities.

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"We have been notified by the Boy Scouts of America and Respect Our River that the life jacket loaner stations are not just low on adult PFD's, they are out!" the statement reads. "This amazing program relies on the return of jackets as soon as you are done using them. PLEASE! If you have any of these jackets, return them to a loaner station as soon as possible. With the coming summer, we anticipate high use of our local recreational water resources. You could save a life!"

Loaner life jacket stations are located at The Tate Pumphouse, Amoco Park, Robertson Road, Paradise Valley Park, Morad Park, Bryan Stock Trail Pond, Pathfinder Reservoir and Okie Beach. Stations and drop-off bins are also located at every firestation in town.

Casper Fire-EMS' Life Jacket Program was formalized in 2001, according to their website. "Every fire station has a stock of life jackets available to the community to use free of charge. Every station also has a drop box where citizens can return the jackers after use. The goal of the program is to increase the safety of our citizens by making life jackets available and making it convenient for the citizens of Casper."

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