The University of Wyoming has experienced in a significant decrease in enrollment of out-of-state freshmen this fall because of COVID-19. Yet, even with this decrease, they have had an increase in graduate/professional students and strong numbers of in-state students.

According to census data collected on the 18th day of classes, 11,829 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled at the university, compared to 12,249 last fall. That’s a decrease of 3.4 percent.

The decline in first-time students from outside Wyoming is the biggest factor in the overall drop, this fall is down 32.5 percent at 609 nonresident students this fall from last year’s 902.

In addition to intensive efforts to retain and recruit students amid the pandemic, the university’s enrollment received a boost from two financial aid programs created by a commitment of federal CARES Act funding by Gov. Mark Gordon for the fall semester. The first provides grants of up to $3,250 to all full-time students for expenses such as housing and food; the second makes available $2,500 for nontraditional students between the ages of 25-64 to pay for tuition and fees.

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