There are a few basic questions we all are asking about now: Where are the fires? Which way is the smoke moving? Where is it worse?

I found a couple of websites, and free apps, that can help.

The first is at this link, the Interactive Fire & Smoke Map. You'll be able to see it all, including where the smoke is gathering, in real time. You can type in your location and zoom in and around your location and state. You can look at fires and how the smoke is traveling almost anywhere.

Another good website, and app, is called WINDY. This is a weather app. But it shows you in fantastic visual representation what weather is around you, past and present weather, and how it is moving.  WINDY can do a lot so to help you explore here is a link to a video tutorial on the website and app.

For those who have been suffering through weeks of smoky skies, good news, it's almost over. According to Don Day of Day Weather, the next cold weather push, arriving in a few days, brings enough we weather and cold to kill those fires and all of that smoke., Hang in there.

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