You will hear now and then about the attempt to build the "first flying car." But actually, the first flying car has already been built - in the late 1940s.

Many car companies have tried to build and sell flying cars in years following. The cars work, but they have not sold very well.

The Taylor Aerocar was built in the early late 1940s and 1950s. A few were actually sold but only one is still flying.

The Aerocar comes with a pusher propeller that runs off the same engine that powers the wheels. The engine is behind the backseats to make that easier.

Once the Aerocar is landed, the wings can be removed and are attached to the extended tail section in a flush manner.

Below are photos of how the wings attach for driving, and the interior of the Aerocar. Farther Below the two photos, you can watch a video and see the Aerocar arriving at it's new home in Colorado.

The owner of the Taylor Aerocar wants to remain anonymous. I'm sure he would love to keep the location of the Aerocar a secret too, but that simply will not be possible if he intends to fly it.

Star Tribune via Getty Images
The Enthusiast Network via Getty


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