All that time on your phone isn't doing you any good.

Our lives simply do not operate these days without our phones, do they? We use our phones to wake up, work, stay in touch with friends, stay up to date on the world... you name it. These little suckers are basically an extension of our bodies. I bet you're reading this on your phone right now.

I'm not here to say technology is bad, but it can harm you. My eye doctor recommended blue-light-blocking glasses for me to protect my eyes. There have also been times when I've spent way too much time staring into my phone that I get a gnarly headache. Your device can also effect your emotions based on your time online. They call this "doomscrolling" social media.

A study out of Denmark has concluded that people are happier when they spend less time online.

Participants in the study were broking into two groups. The first group was instructed to continue to use Facebook as they normally would. The majority of participants said they spent at least 30 minutes on the site every single day. The second group was asked to avoid Facebook altogether.

After a week, the people in the first group was 55 percent more likely to feel stressed out. They felt sadness, depression, anger and loneliness. They were also 18 percent less likely to feel like they were fully present in the moment. Researchers concluded that the first group, the regular Facebook users, were 39 percent likely to feel less happy than the second group.

So the next time you're feeling out of sorts, you might want to free yourself from your device. When I feel like this, I put my phone down and try to go outside for some fresh air. If you struggle to get offline, there are apps that can monitor and limit your time "doomscrolling."

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