It all began with an innocent conversation off-air between my co-host Drew and me.

Frankly, I can't remember exactly how it started but, we began to talk about words we hate.

Drew mentioned that he really dislikes the word "buddy" especially when someone calls him that who doesn't know him at all.

The word that makes MY skin crawl is "panties". No, I don't have an explination for it or some weird past experience that resulted in my dislike of the word...I've always hated it.

We decided to ask our listeners what words they disliked, and then we compiled a list of the most hated words.

Our approach wasn't scientific, we just looked at what words were repeated the most in the comments and/or had the most likes.

See if you agree with our list.

Here Are Words And Phrases That Drive Wyomingites Crazy

There are certain words or phrases that when you hear them it makes your skin crawl. We headed to social media and asked you to share what words or phrases drive you crazy when you hear them. Here's a collection of the top 12 from what you shared with us.

As I mentioned, this isn't the complete list...there were too many words to include them all.

But, if you're interested in reading all the comments you can find them below.

If you have any words to add, just send us a message or shout out with the My Country Mobile App.

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