Are you feeling that anxiety attack each time you know you have to fill your gas tank? Everybody is.

During times like these you will see stories and videos on "gas hacks." How to save money on fuel using simple little tricks.

There are some tips and tricks to drive more efficiently. Start slower, do not accelerate so quickly. Keep your speed as average as possible. Don't carry extra weight that you don't need. Those things actually work.

Here are a few hacks that DO NOT work and should not be tried.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Using a Higher Octane
You are told - Using a higher octane gas helps improve your gas mileage. The short story here is, octane has nothing to do with how efficiently your vehicle burns fuel. It is best to use what it recommended by the manufacture.

woman driver cooling herself with blowing from air conditioner in the car

Turning the AC Off to save gas.
It seems logical. Turn off the AC and the car seems to have more power. That must mean that the AC drains fuel efficiency.

There is some truth to that ... BUT!

Do you roll down the windows when you turn off the AC? Rolling down the windows increases the drag force on the car, decreasing the car’s aerodynamics and actually decreasing gas mileage.

It's actually better to drive with the windows up and the AC on in the summer.

At the Gas Station

Buying Gas Early In The Morning
Some believe you will get more gas for the same price when it is cooler outside. That is because liquid becomes denser during colder weather.

But gas is stored in underground tanks. It's insolated from the cold. So, sorry...


Overinflating Tires
The idea is that more air in your ties means lest resistance on the road, therefor fuel savings.

Once again the best reference for how much air should be in your times for maximum efficiency is to consult the manufacture. Also, make sure you have a good amount of tread. Bald tires create more resistance on the road.

Here is a video that has a few tricks that actually DO work.

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