Bear sightings seem to be on the rise EVERYWHERE this year, it's the season. They're coming out of their dens and ready to stretch their legs and search for food because they're super hungry from sleeping all of those months. (must be nice) So many sightings being reported in Colorado  but this particular sighting that happened in Arizona just might be the most bizarre we've seen this year...or any year.

A bear was running around and climbing stuff when it decided that a power pole would be a cool thing to climb...that was NOT a very smart decision.

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According to, this confused bear got itself stuck high on top of a power pole in Wilcox, Arizona which is about an hour outside of Tucson.

To be completely honest with you, I didn't realize bears hung out that far south in the Arizona desert but whatever.

Shout out to the Arizona Game and Fish Department for doing an awesome job getting the bear down safely and back to its natural habitat.

YouTube/Inside Edition


Oh yeah, there have been plenty of bear sightings here in Colorado as well...they seriously seem to be EVERYWHERE this year including the Eastern Plains of Colorado who was eventually found and brought back to the mountains.

YouTube/ CBS Denver


And let's not forget about the bear we spotted as we were wrapping up our hike about a week ago just outside of Estes Park.

AJ Battalio/TSM
AJ Battalio/TSM


A couple of weeks ago this bear was roaming the streets of Downtown Boulder, shout out to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for their hard work to help keep us and the bears safe by getting these animals back in the wild safely...
The Denver Channel
The Denver Channel


And most recently, there was this bear that seriously injured a man in his garage just outside of Steamboat Springs.

YouTube/ 9 News

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