This is the type of story we love to tell. A new video shows the emotional reunion between a Douglas, Wyoming woman and her dog who had been lost for 21 days.

This reunion was just shared. The dog's name is Liddie. The owner is Kirstin Kapp. Liddie had been lost for 3 weeks. This is the moment she found her way back home.

Kirstin reached out to us when she saw us share her story. She said that Liddie had been left with a friend in Casper on November 22 when she ran off after being let outside. Kirstin said that she had shared the story all over Facebook, but no one was able to locate her for quite awhile.

I shared it all over Facebook that she was missing called the police department all the shelters metro and even put an ad in the newspaper

One of the reasons why Liddie is so special to Kirstin and her family is that she was a gift when she battled cancer. Kirstin visited with us and shared more details of her reunion story.

Kirstin eventually offered a reward. Shortly after that, a couple came forward and indicated they had found her. Kirstin's friend paid the reward and the video is the reunion that followed.

What a sweet story and something we need more of as we wrap up a challenging year. We'll add more details as soon as we find out more information about this heartwarming moment.

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