The news out of Yellowstone National Park has been tragically sad with historic flooding this year. However, there are still moments that are captured that are reminders of why we hope the park is open again soon. That includes a recent video of a massive eruption from Steamboat Geyser.

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According to the video description, this happened on June 10, 2022. Here's what the visitor shared about what they witnessed:

We were at the car taking a break when I heard what could only be described as a loud rumble, like a jet engine. I looked up and we ran back to see this beautiful eruption!

This is one of the largest eruptions I've seen from Steamboat in a long time.

As the National Park Service says, major eruptions from Steamboat Geyser are both "rare and spectacular". They also documented that Steamboat was more or less dormant for 50 years until the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake. It was also quiet for around 6 years when it woke up again in 2013. While Steamboat is highly unpredictable, it did erupt 48 times in both 2019 and 2020.

According to the Geyser Times, the June 10 eruption that the visitor captured on video lasted just 3 minutes. It was officially classified as a major eruption which the video proves.

Let's hope the historic flooding this year can be remedied so Yellowstone National Park can once again wow visitors with spectacular sights like this one.

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