It's no secret that wildfires devastated many areas of the West this year. We're starting to see some of the heroic efforts to save lives and property from the wildfire teams. New video shows a plane dropping chemicals just feet away from a log cabin.

This happened recently in Middle Fork, Montana. I first saw this shared by Distinctly Montana.

The guy that took the video shared the backstory about what he witnessed:

While helping some friends build a shed at their hunting cabin in the Middle Fork of the Judith River, a fire broke out in the Little Belt Mountains. We were lucky enough to watch a tanker drop retardant in front of the cabin.

The Middle Fork wildfire was approximately 60% contained just a few days ago according to InciWeb. The size of the wildfire is greater than 20,000 acres. For reference, this is the part of Montana that's just south of Glacier National Park.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Of all the heroes to thank for what they've done this year, our wildfire teams are near the top of the list. The plane that dropped those chemicals had very little room for error and the teams on the ground have risked their life for much of the summer and fall. We can't express our gratitude for their sacrifice enough.

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