Hundreds gather each day to watch a cupid come to life and break out of a painting. The little man then begins his mischief and moves above and around the other paintings on the wall, shooting arrows in the paintings and causing trouble.

In the video above you'll be astonished as to how real it all looks.

Located in the heart of Brussels Airport, travelers can discover a new way of enjoying art. The show is located in a waiting room decorated with paintings by Rubens.

The cupid from the painting is in The Feast of Venus (1636).

The 3D cupid is created by a projection system. The lights are lowered just a bit but when cupid comes to life, he seems to be in a spotlight.

The flying god wakes from his 2 dimensional painted form. He works his way up to the top of the painting and then breaks out of the frame.

But while cupid is out to pull pranks on the characters in the other paintings, he falls victim himself, and falls in love.

This marvelous show was invented by the Belgian company SkullMapping. This is not their first project. Back in 2015 the company had a sensation with its projection called Petit Chef in a restaurant. This is “Little Chef.” That show was the story of a busy little chef, projected onto the plates of the restaurant.

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