The joys of living in Wonderful Wyoming include all the wildlife just frolicking around outdoors. That's normally cool to see if you're at Yellowstone or any of our other national parks. It's slightly different if you witness one of the larger predators in your backyard.

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A Nest security camera recently recorded a black bear climbing on a covered hot tub in a family's backyard in Melody Ranch in the Jackson, Wyoming area.

Having encountered wildlife in my general area before (for me it was a mountain lion), I was afraid to check my mail at night for months. Considering this footage was captured in broad daylight, I'm not sure I'd ever leave my house, let alone use that hot tub again.

Luckily, no one was injured and the bear went along its own merry way, but this is definitely a story you have to share with your friends and family forever!

In case you are/were are curious how to stay out of danger, especially anywhere in the Wyoming general area, if you ever cross bear, here are some great pointers.

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