As a pilot enthusiast I have always been impressed by bush pilots. The places they fly into seem impossible. More so are the places they land and take off from. No runways required, or desired.

For those not so into planes or this sort of flying, you might not know that Wyoming makes one of the most sought after planes for bush pilots. The Cub Crafter is manufactured right here in our state.

Considering where and how these folks fly it might not surprise you that the hazards are far greater than just maneuvering the airplane. Landing in the wilderness, one never knows what nature will bring.

Imagine touching down on a nice rocky beach by a river to explore and maybe have a lunch. There, in the river, bears play and fish. What a beautiful sight.

Then, one of those bears gets a little curious about your plane. He sniffs the tail. He pushes his massive weight down on the elevators. The plane tips back. 'Hmm, what if I climb up on the back of this thing?' thinks the bear.

The bear climbs along the top of the airplane all the way up to the wings. He is not aggressive. He's just curious. Special thanks to the flight school and YouTube videos of Fly8MA.

But airplanes can be delicate in some places. Sure, the wings will hold him, but if he starts to play with those control services he could do some serious damage, easily. He might already have done damage to the tail section.

The video, below, 6:09 into it, records the event and the gasps of the nervous pilot. If the bear breaks the plane, how will he get out of here?


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