Imagine you step outside your hotel room to get some ice, or a drink from the soda machine, and come face to face with a bear.

For the record, I could not find where this happened.

It's late at night, most of the humans are asleep, and the bear is either going to his room or looking for a trash can to rummage though.

Maybe he just went out for some ice. Bears need ice too.

This looks like a smaller black bear.

Despite his smaller size he could still rip a human in half with one swipe of his paw.

This is not the only time bears have found their way into hotels.

Colorado has seen in several times.

Bears either find an open door or they figure out how to open the door. Some hotel door open by motion detectors. That needs to be changed.

The famed Stanley Hotel in Colorado had a bear walk right into the lobby.

Most of you know that the Stanley has a haunted history. It's main claim to fame was author Stephen King's novel and movie "The Shining."

That first video shows a bear walking along an outside walkway at a hotel.

But what about when a bear find's it's way up the stairs and down the hallway of an indoor hotel?

The bear was spotted wandering through a hallway at a lodge at the YMCA of the Rockies in October 2020.

I'm sure he likes how warm it is inside. But he probably also smells the food in a few rooms. He might be able to find a trashcan near the vending machines.

OR - maybe he has a room, who knows.

Bears have also figure out how to open car doors and know how to wander into grocery stores for a snack.

Honestly, who's going to stop them?

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