There is no shortage of wildlife here in Colorado and recently, it seems like we're hearing more and more about the wildlife seemingly becoming more comfortable with civilization. I also think a big part of this is the amount of growth and expansion that we humans are doing within their part of our great state, but either way...some of the pictures and stories have been this one.

According to KDVR, bull moose seem to be taking over the area burned by Colorado's second largest wildfire, The East Troublesome Fire, which burned last year for nearly six weeks, destroying 371 homes and about a couple hundred structures like barns, sheds and things like that according to wildlife officials.

Check out the incredible size of these impressive animals as they just hang out and graze.  I can't imagine seeing these things in person, they're just so massive.

Have you ever had an up close wildlife encounter? If so, we'd love to hear about your story.

As always if you ever do encounter ANY wild animal, always keep your distance and appreciate the fact that you are in THEIR territory. Give them plenty of space and never try to get closer for a "better" pic: That's never a smart move.

10 Wild Animal Encounters in Northern Colorado in 2020


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