In the video below you will hear Liz Cheney, in her own words, explain why she voted the way that she did on impeachment and how she believes that this is a fight for the soul of the Republican party.

In an interview with Cowboy State Daily former Wyoming Senator Al Simpson backed Liz: “To think you could go in and kick Liz Cheney off — who voted for Trumpy-babe about 78% of the time? What are you thinking about? If you’re thinking about unity, then this is not just about hatred, it’s about revenge,” he continued. “Donald Trump is a hateful man, and he is seeking revenge. He is seeking revenge against anybody that crossed him. And I tell you, I voted for him once, and that will be the last time.” Simpson said it is those extremists who will, in his words, “destroy the Republican Party.”

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There is a fight within the Republican Party between those who are pro-Trump and those who, while conservatives, do not think that Trump is a good way to represent conservative ideals.

Those on the Trump side argue that the impeachment vote was not held in a constitutional way and was a sham, build on the lie that Trump encouraged protesters to storm the capital.

The Republican Accountability Project is Liz Cheney's side of the argument. They have a YouTube page filled with arguments. Their angle is not RINO (Republican In Name Only) but who and how the party should be represented.

Those opposing their movement see too many "establishment" members of congress in the group which they say is a big part of the problem.

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