Sit back and enjoy a low and slow flight over Wyoming in the 3 videos below.

James Good and his wife Dian were on a mission to one of the greatest air shows in Modern day America. To fly cross country from California to the big annual fly-in and air show at Oshkosh Wisconsin.

James chose a route from their home in California and followed Interstate 80. Once in Wyoming they would turn from Rawlins and fly up the reservoirs, including Seminoe, Pathfinder, and Alcova.

They would spend the night in Casper then fly up to Gillette and follow Interstate 90 over to Sturgis.

Their airplane is unique.

attachment-YouTube screen grab James & Dian Good

You can see in the photo above that the Ercoupe is only a two-seater.

They can open the canopy above them by sliding it down to the side. This allows nice airflow and open sky above if they want it. Like a convertible car.

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These planes do not have rudder peddles like most airplanes. Everything is steered by turning just the yoke. The plane is not meant for high-level flying.

With a cruise speed that averages 95mph over the ground, the Ercoupe was built as a trainer, but these days enjoyed by its owners as a pleasure/sightseeing plane.

Salt Lake City And Through The Mountain Pass Into Wyoming.

At just past 26 minutes into the video, they are flying over the Salt Lake itself, then through the mountain pass over I-80 into Wyoming.

Evanston To Rock Spring Wyoming.

After spending the night in Evanston Wyoming they depart, early in the morning, and cruse low and slow over I-80 toward Rock Springs.

They will spend the night there and explore the town before moving on.

As you can tell they are not in any rush to get there. The point of this flight is to take their time and see it all from above.

The Most Beautiful Part Of The Flight Over Wyoming

Waking up to an amazing sunrise they depart Rocksprings and fly on to Rawlins. From there it is a northbound turn over mountains and water.

Arguably the most beautiful video of their entire trip over Wyoming will pass, low and slow, over the reservoirs, including Seminoe, the mountains between that body of water and Pathfinder reservoir, and Alcova.

A turn east takes them to Casper Wyoming. My plane is kept at the Casper/Natrona airport. I was delighted to see a local flight school plane take off and hear the voice of a local flight instructor talking to the tower.

Midwest, Gillette, Sundance Wyoming The Black Hills and on to Sturges South Dakota.

The final leg of the flight over Wyoming takes the couple from Casper, northeast over the town of Midwest to Gillette, from there they cruise I-80 over Sundance.

The Black Hills look BEAUTIFUL in this video.

Their trip over Wyoming has ended at this point in Sturges South Dakota. If you enjoyed it you can watch the entire flight, plus James's other flight videos on his YouTube Channel. 

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