What do you do when you get more snow than you have ever imagined?

Embrace it.

Love it.

Like this lady in Deadwood South Dakota.

There is absolutely NO WAY she can shovel that much snow with what she is caring.

Most machines would not be able to make it through that.

But that is home much snow the black hills got.

So, have fun with it.

Embrace the SUCK and make people laugh like she's doing.

How much snow you got in this last storm depended a lot on where you lived and what the winds were doing in that area.

The black hills of South Dakota got more snow than anyone has seen in many years.

Some roads and towns were shut down for several days.

That brutal wind that came after the storm worsened the situation.

Once again, the only way to make it through a situation like this is with a sense of humor.

You could complain but what good would that do?

Expect high winds in the eastern part of Wyoming and western South Dakota for the rest of today.

Then comes a brutal shot of cold that regional weatherman Don Day actually called "miserable" in his daily weather forecast.

This drifting snow and the drop in temperatures are bad news for those with livestock.

Living in this part of North America is wonderful. But it does come with a price to pay. Now and then we have to put up with - well - this.

Do like this lady. Have fun with it.

WEIRD Wyoming Snow Drifts April Blizzard 2022

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