For some reason I am coming across more videos of dogs who love to fish. Some of them are better at it than the humans who brought them to the water.

In this video, an expert fisher-dog finds a big one. He seems to know just where to look for it and by golly he got himself into a heck of a fight trying to bring it to shore.

The dog's owner was good enough to slow down the battle during the second half of this video so we can get a good look at the action, beyond all the splashing. The last shot we see is a rather smug and happy look on the dog's face.

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But wait - was our hero outdone by the dog in the video below? I'll let you look at that one and decide who did better.

One dog caught his fish - one got away - and out of the two videos I think you can spot the dog who snagged the biggest fish.

With all this dogfishing going on, why do fishermen bother to bring a rod and reel? They could just train the dog to fish for them. You might call that lazy, but heck, some people fish with dynamite. I'm thinking having a dog that will fish, and watching that dog fish for me, would be a lot more fun.


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