I'll just right out and say it, GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY WITH YOUR DOG. He's bored and he needs some love.

But there are these lazy people who invent or buy machines that play fetch for them. Sure, that might be fine to keep the poor thing entertained while you are at work. I'll even admit that it seems like the dogs enjoy them. But please, GO PLAY WITH YOUR DOG.

Having said all of that, I will have to give credit to the clever inventors for being so clever, and the dogs for being smart enough to use these devices.

HERE is an amazing video of a dog using a manually-operated ball trebuchet. I was not able to get our website to load this video properly, but you can watch it by clicking here. It's worth it. I'm not sure how long it took the dog to learn to do this, but he seems to be having a great time.

I've placed below a few examples of ball throwers that are not as homemade, but the dogs seem to love them every bit as much.

Here is a little indoor ball throwing machine.

Here is a machine that is better suited for outdoor use. Look at how much fun this little guy is having. He loves it.

I prefer this tennis ball launching gun. In order to use it, YOU HAVE TO PLAY WITH YOUR DOG. And your dog needs your love and attention anyway.

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