Here in Wyoming, most ranchers are right in the middle of calving season.

Calves are usually born in January to March here in Wyoming, which may seem strange because the weather tends to be brutal that time of year.

Many ranchers find that this is the best time because there are fewer labor demands overall this time of year, and allows the calves to be older and heavier when they are weaned in the Fall.

Calving season can last anywhere from 30 to even 90 days depending on the size of the herd and when the cows were bred.

I recently came across a series of TikTok videos created by a Douglas, Wyoming ranch hand at the Boot Ranch. You can clearly tell from his videos that not only does he love his job, but the animals he cares for too.

There is also a good dose of Ranch humor in lots of his videos that I think you'll appreciate.

Here Steven is showing some completely unbothered Heifers that don't care that they're not giving birth on his calving schedule.

@stevenbarrett0 Due date was February 7th, and we’ve only had 50 calves (expecting 800+). They’re heifers, they don’t even know their pregnant. #calvingseason ♬ original sound - Steven Barrett

My husband can probably relate to this one...after all our 5 kids didn't always stick to his schedule either when they picked their birthdates. In this video, he shows how tough these calves are as they try to stay warm in the snow and negative temperatures that hit us in the middle of calving season this year.

@stevenbarrett0 Snow day at the Boot Ranch #Calves #calvingseason #zachbryan #ranching #cowboy ♬ Snow - Zach Bryan

They are so darn sweet and tough all at the same time.

And here is the video that is likely my favorite, the story of "Steve O" the calf. I think I like it so much because it shows how much these ranchers care about their animals.

@stevenbarrett0 SteveO the Bull. #calvingseason #cattleranch #ranchhand #cowboyshit #zachbryan #DouglasWY ♬ Don't Give up on Me - Zach Bryan

If you'd like to stay up to date on Steven and his Wyoming Ranch life you can find him on TikTok at @stevenbarrett0

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