Let's start by saying it... 'MERICA!

YEAH YEAH- I know...

Don't pet the fluffy cows and don't swim with the alligators.

Nobody said we couldn't feed the bald eagles.

This guy catches a fish, sees an eagle in a tree, and holds it up as an offering.

He has to wiggle the fish high above his head to tempt the bird.

At some point, the eagle decides to trust him.

As the eagle flies to the boat the man is smart enough to toss it high.

Imagine getting your hand punctured by those sharp talons.


But we would not expect less from the symbol of America.

Pardon me- 'MERICA!

Father and son scream in excitement as the eagle flies away with breakfast.

After watching this I thought, this can't be the first time some like this has been captured on video.

A quick search of YouTube, and sure enough, there are several videos of people doing this very thing.

That makes me wonder if eagles will start hanging out nearby fishermen in the hopes of them offering up a fresh catch.

I grew up on an island off the coast of Florida where the seagulls learned to keep an eye on anyone who might have food.

All anyone had to do was toss one little item up into the air and there would be a swarm around them in no time.

Feeding wildlife like this is frowned upon.

They can become overly dependent on free handouts.

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