In the video below you can watch an inspiring young athlete who has no problem saying that she loves America. It's too bad that a statement like that gets our attention and makes news.

It's been a long hard haul for sports fans, as the media puts front and center every athlete who turns their back on the national anthem or takes a knee. At many sporting events, individual athletes and teams wear "woke" slogans on their uniforms. Sports broadcasts and even commercials are echoing the same.

It is about time that someone stepped up and said they love America.

Meet Tamyra Mensah-Stock. She said it with genuine enthusiasm.

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Tamyra began wresting in the 10th grade. Way back then she set a goal to take it as far as she could. There were setbacks- there always are. She even lost her father in high school. But in the true American spirit, she just kept pushing.

She stepped up to the microphone with the American Flag over he shoulders crying genuine tears of joy.

During an emotional interview with NBC News, she was asked about the flag draped around her shoulders and how it felt to represent America. "It feels AMAZING! I love everything about the U.S. I freaking love living there." 

After years of hearing athletes badmouth this country and having it become front and center news, it felt more than just a little good to hear from someone who loves American as much as Tamyra does.

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