It's called OINKS. Chocolate-covered, seasoned bacon strips.

Even with Jalapeno if you are bold enough.

It's sold in the package you see in this photo for $3.00 to $4.00 a pack, depending on where you get it.

I asked people about the idea of the product and most everyone said, just give me the bacon.

But maybe we can save the money and just see what people on Youtube have to say about it.

attachment-Youtube screen grab OINKS 2

This first video is from a father who is CLEARLY just trying to embarrass his kids. Just by the sound of his voice, I can hear the DAD JOKES.

The video is not great but the review is honest, so let's see what they have to say.

To the kids, yeah, Dad is a DORK. Sorry about that. But at least he's not a bad dad.

When I found this video it only had 6 hits. 5 of them were probably the Dad's. Now it has 7, including me.

This next video is a nice couple who are honestly trying to do good food reviews.

I think they go into WAY too much detail on OINKS. But at least we know what they tasted.

Their biggest complaint about the product was the flavor was not worth the price.

JUST SOME ADVICE, if you ever want to make a video like this, where you taste test something, edit out all the chewing. We don't need to see you chewing. Just take a bite and get to the review.

I'm up for trying new things. I bet you are too.

But on this one, I have to agree with my friends.

JUST HAND ME BACON. Leave it at that.

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